Frequently Asked Questions About New Requirements for the North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ License

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On August 1, 2014 the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation that mandates any landscape professional who wants to perform landscaping work where the price of all contracts for labor, material, and other items for a given job site, dying any consecutive 12 month period, is greater than $30,000 must have a landscape contractors license. The law was passed for several reasons. The first reason being to protect the consumer. The Landscape Contractors Licensing Board will help consumers who have legitimate complaints. The license will also eliminate the need for a landscape contractor to hold a general contractors license when performing jobs over $30,000. Being a Licensed Landscape Contractor will also identify you as a professional to consumers and municipalities

There is a grandfathering provision that allows you to obtain the license without taking the certification test, but this must be done by August 1, 2015. You are eligible if:

  1. Registered Landscape Contractor
  2. Licensed Irrigation contractor
  3. Certified Turf Professional
  4.  Have 3 years of documented landscape contracting experience, eduction can be substituted for years experience at a rate of 1 year for a 2 year degree, 2 years for a 4 year degree, 2 years for education or business experience.

More information and applications can be found at: