Hands on Ornamental Pruning Workshop-CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW

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March 24th from 10:00-11:30 a.m. at Claussen-Burnley Park, 355 Hunting Hills Ln. Often when I am called to go look at trees and shrubs that have insect, disease or structural problems, the root cause is poor pruning. To help you learn the right way to prune trees and shrubs, Watuaga Extension will be offering a hands on pruning workshop. Meet at the pavilion where we will go over some of the principals of pruning. From there we will head out into the park to look at examples, then giving you time to get some hands on practice. There will be a brand new set of high quality pruning tools you can try out, but you may want to bring your own hand pruners, loppers, or pruning saw as well as there won’t be enough tools for everyone to practice at once. Registration is not necessary, just show up at the pavilion. If you have questions call our office at 828-264-3061. There is now a chance of snow or rain on Saturday, if there is just light snow or rain, I will go ahead with the class, just spend more time in the pavillion, but if it is heavier we may have to cancel. Call Paige Patterson at 706-455-7296 the day of the class if you have questions about whether it will be held.