Late Summer Is a Great Time to Control Weeds

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Late summer is a great time to control summer annual weeds. If you can remove weeds before they produce seeds, there will be less of the same weed next year. Not sure what is a weed or want to know the name? Use the newly expanded library of weed photos, on the NC State Plant Toolbox.

Weeds are grouped according to season and lifecycle. Summer annual weeds germinated in late spring, flowered this summer, and will then produce seeds before fall and will come back next spring from seed. Cut or remove them before they make seeds. Winter annuals will begin to germinate in the fall, flower in the spring, and make seed late spring, they will come back from seed next fall. Remove in fall, or cut or remove before they make seeds in spring. Perennial weeds come back each year from the same plant and also make new plants from seed. So removing before they make seeds is important.