Coy Miller & Family, 2020 Watauga Farm Family of the Year

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The Watauga County Soil & Water Conservation District is proud to present the 2020 Watauga Farm Family of the Year award to the Millers of Miller Family Farm in the Aho community. Coy and his family currently manage over 150 cattle on their farm. Keeping this many cows fed, hydrated, and healthy can present quite a logistical challenge. To increase water access and quality for his animals, Coy partnered with the Watauga Soil and Water Conservation District to install cattle drinker systems on his farm. These drinkers not only allow easier water access for the animals, they keep cattle from having to drink out of streams, greatly improving water quality in the area.

Farm Famly

Coy, Shelby, and great-granddaughter Lilliana Miller with some of their Black Angus cattle

Coy strives to be a conscious steward of his animals, as well as the land. He has raised cattle in Watauga County for over 50 years, a skill he learned from his father who was also a cattle farmer in the High Country. Coy’s farm is located along Aho Road. Located between Boone and Blowing Rock, the area is increasingly becoming more developed. The family farm is enrolled in the Voluntary Farmland Preservation Program and the Millers are members of the Watauga County Cattlemen’s Association. Coy plays an active role in educating current and future neighbors and property owners of the intrinsic characteristics of a farm. Part of his educational outreach includes signage to encourage awareness of farming in the community.

Farm Sign

Educational outreach signage at the Miller Farm.

Coy and his wife Shelby are thrilled to see that the next generations of Millers are committed to continue this cattle farming legacy.